beag+haus construction pricing
pricing will vary depending on project location (city/state)

*for custom design pricing please contact us for a quote

To help you plan and budget for your new home, we've simplified the pricing of our concept designs.  The beag+haus pricing above is based on local construction costs and includes the following items as built on a standard building site:

  • Permitting

  • Excavation and grading required to install a fully insulated crawl-space foundation

  • 2x6 exterior and 2x4 interior walls

  • Spray foam insulation in exterior walls and ceiling

  • Insulated windows (Low-E) and exterior doors

  • Fiber cement siding and exterior trim

  • Metal roofing

  • Interior finishes, flooring, doors and trim

  • Kitchen and bath cabinetry + solid surface countertops

  • Interior and exterior painting

  • Plumbing and electrical fixtures

  • Well + septic or connection to city water + sewer

  • Traditional furnace + air conditioning or mini-split HVAC system

  • Tankless water heater

Any customization of the original design concepts will result in a custom price per project.  We can create custom projects in any location and will work with local builders in your area to determine a cost for your project.  Because every site is unique, site improvement costs can vary considerably.  The base price assumes that your site is a conforming building lot that will accommodate the footprint of the house, with level topography and soils suitable for construction.  As we gather more information, we will develop accurate pricing that reflects your site's individual characteristics and your personal preferences.

Not included in the base price are civil engineering, driveway or paving, walkways, grass, fencing, site walls or other landscaping.  These items can be incorporated into any project as part of the design process.

Please contact us to discuss your project in more detail.

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