What is beag+haus?

beag+haus is a full service design firm specializing in innovative small homes.

We provide a comprehensive and cohesive design+build process through partnerships with local builders in your specific project location.


What does beag+haus mean?

beag is the Irish word for small.  haus is the German word for house.

At beag+haus, our mission is to improve the lives of others through the design of innovative small homes.


What is an Everyday Adventurer?

An everyday adventurer is anyone who seeks adventure in their lives.

It doesn't matter if you like to climb mountains or just relax next to a babbling stream; if you like to live life to the fullest and enjoy the world, then you are an everyday adventurer.


What is the definition of a small house?

Our definition of a small house is a home that allows you the financial and personal freedom to follow your own personal adventures without being tied down by the stresses of daily life.


How small are your houses?

Our current design concepts range from 192 sf up to 1,500 sf.  

we have a wide range of designs to fit the needs of any lifestyle.


Are your houses built on a trailer, like a tiny house?

Our homes are built on a permanent foundation, just like a traditional sized home.  Foundation options include slab on grade, crawlspace or a full basement.


Do your homes have indoor plumbing?

Absolutely!  Our homes are designed with all of the standard creature comforts; so you don't have to go outside with the actual creatures.


How do you provide heating + cooling?

We like to heat our homes with a simple and compact wood stove.  We personally like Rais and Morso wood stoves which are small but can heat up to 1,500 sf with no problem.

For cooling, you can pen the windows to let in the breeze or we can install a mini-split unit.  A mini-split ductless unit is more compact and less costly than a traditional HVAC unit.


Can you design a garage to go with the house?

Definitely!  We can design a garage that will match the style of any of our concepts.


Where can I build one of your houses?

We work with clients in any location.  If you have the land, we can design and build it for you.  If you don't have the land, we can help you find the perfect spot for your home.


Can you help find property for our home?

Absolutely!  We partner with Kyle Jean of Exit Realty in Traverse City, Michigan.  Kyle is an expert at finding the perfect piece of property for our clients and their new homes.

Learn more about Kyle Jean

We also work with with a network of realtors for our projects located in Virginia surrounding the Washington DC metro area.  Contact us to learn more.

Do you build the houses? Will you work with my contractor?

At beag+haus, we provide our clients with a seamless process of design + construction.  We partner with a network of local contractors to build your home.  We are also happy to work with your builder of choice.


What is the cost to build?

Each one of our homes are as unique as our clients.  The interior and exterior finishes are all decided by our individual clients and thus affect the overall budget.  The cost to build will also vary depending on location, specific site conditions and local code + zoning requirements.

Give us a call or drop us a line and we would be happy to chat about specific costs with you.   

Can I buy the plans for one of your concepts?

You sure can!  The drawings we provide include: floor plans, exterior elevations, foundation plan, framing plans, building sections, details and a general electrical + lighting plan.  Basically, everything you need to build one for yourself.

We can deliver the plans in Paper sets, PDF format or CAD file.

Please contact us for pricing.


Do you also design+build larger homes?

At beag+haus, we strive to achieve balance between our homes and the surrounding nature.  We prefer to keep our homes below 1,500 sf.


How do we get started?

At beag+haus, we take a very simple approach to the process.  The first thing we do is get together to chat about ideas and goals.  From there we can work with one of our existing concept plans or create a custom design to fit your individual needs.

Whichever path you choose, the first step is to contact us.  We look forward to meeting you!

888.984.1853  |  contact@beaghaus.com